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2018 ABC Council PTA Scholarship Application

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First tasks for new PTA officers and chairmen from CA PTA Chek it out!

PTA Video Collection

ABC Council PTA wins 2016 Communications Spotlight Award from CA PTA! ABC Council PTA wins 2016 Communications Spotlight Award from CA PTA! Announcement  How we did it!

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Payment Authorization Request For Disbursement
RRF1 Form
Unit Remittance Form
Workers Comp Annual Payroll
Units, use these surveys before the school year ends. Use the feedback to plan for next year!
Survey 1  Survey 2
Membership Resources on CA PTA   Membership For Beginners
Membership Planning Timeline - for Unit Membership chair, Council President and Membership VP.
California State PTA e-Bylaws a new, quicker way for you to revise and update your unit PTA/PTSA bylaws!


The president-elect should confer with the school principal and call meetings of the board elect (elected officers and principal) soon after election. At the first of these meetings ratify appointed officers, fill any vacant offices and make plans for the coming year. Strive for a balance of experienced and new members, keeping in mind that all areas of the community should be represented. When appointed officers are ratified, they become part of the board-elect and are included in planning for the upcoming term.

  1. Consider a membership survey to be returned prior to the end of the school year where past unit activities are reviewed and suggestions for new activities are solicited.
  2. Use input from the survey for brainstorming session(s) with the board-elect to establish board goals. Set realistic goals and prioritize projects.
  3. Set a calendar for the upcoming year and provide membership campaign materials to the school for any summer mailings they may be planning.
  4. Request the outgoing presidents and officers procedure books prior to taking office. Review them along with all other material received.
  5. Become familiar with the duties of each chairman by reviewing the California State PTA Toolkit. Share job descriptions and materials as noted with the chairmen and help them to secure procedure books and materials from their predecessors. If they fail to receive procedure books, assist them in setting up their own.
  6. Consider reviewing the PTA bylaws with the entire board (even if they are newer than three years). The bylaws contain many job responsibilities and timelines/due dates. Reviewing them together gets everyone on same page with the same expectations.
  7. Encourage every board member to attend trainings, either at convention or those offered by council or district PTA.
  8. Prepare a preliminary budget and present it for adoption at the last association meeting of the year.
  9. Verify with outgoing board that the year-end Annual Financial Report has been completed after the books are closed, that arrangements have been made for the annual year-end financial report, the year-end audit, and that documents have been compiled for ease in preparing tax filings.
  10. Coordinate with treasurer-elect to have the signature cards for bank accounts updated with new officers (as indicated in the unit bylaws) and submitted to the bank at the beginning of the new term (after June 30th).
  11. Send names and addresses of additional board members to council and/or district PTA for their respective directories. Make sure each of your board members knows how to contact their counterpart at district (or council) to get questions answered.

Unit recommended collection date is October 20, 2017. Council Reflections due date is Friday November 10.

PTA Leader Checklist
Reflections Info on CAPTA
Student Participant Forms - Reflections forms for students Includes Local Student Entry Form, Local Consent Form (Dance/Film/Photo)and Reflections Theme Search Entry Form.
Materials for Units - Reflections forms for unit PTAs
Online fillable entry form   Spanish Version
Unit Leader Guide - A MUST READ!   Judging Tips and Scorecard Reflections materials for judging Celebration Guide - For your local Reflections program Volunteers  

2017 National PTA Reflections winners   2016 Winners!

Congrats to the Reflections winners at the ABC Council level. Special mention to the 15 units sent student entries this year. Others make sure to plan early and enter next year!

ABC Council PTA Scholarship for High School Seniors

Congrats to the winners!

Ron Barn Scholarship

  • 1st Place - Daniel Magdaleno (Gahr High)
  • 2nd Place - Alessandra Rivera (Whitney High)
  • 3rd Place - Tyra parnish (Gahr High)
  • Honorable mention: Andres Vasquez (Artesia High), Alexia Sillas (Artesia High), Amanda Lin (Gahr High)

Elsa-Garcia Chau Arts Scholarship

  • 1st Place: Kayla Katsuda (Cerritos High)
  • 2nd Place: Bryan Pina (Artesia High)
  • 3rd Place: Nicole Aguilar (Artesia High)

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The New California Assessments and What They Mean for College Course Placement
PTA Connects Feb 2016 edition English  Spanish
Tips for parents to give your children the best opportunity to succeed in school  English  Chinese  Korean  Spanish
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Assessments: Understanding your childs score report English  Spanish

Egg Hunt Details   Egg Hunt Map - Stowers Elementary PTA
Jogathon Letter to Parents Sponsor Sheet   Collection Envelops- Stowers Elementary PTA
PTA Member Perks
Special Education Edition of PTA in California - filled with information on the new assessment score reports to answer your burning questions
100 ways to Help your child sccceed
Template to create a flyer for distribution    Instructions to fill the template
Talking points for PTA Leaders
Bragging about your PTA!
Make the Logo work for you!
Welcome letter for new members!

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